So ive been going to Dr. Kam for the last few months, wasnt really into natural healing and stuff, but my hip was out and I couldnt take it anymore. Within 24 hours I was at his office, "Click, pop, crunch" I sounded like a popcorn machine! As soon as I got up, I felt like Forrest Gump after he shed the braces on his legs. I was able to sit upright, breathe deeper, rotate my limbs and neck at greater range. Long story short, THIS DUDE IS MAGNIFICENT...im runnin Jenny!

He is so knowledgeable of his trade, and does not shy away from educating you, yet he conveys it to you in a way that you laugh your tail off and actually learn something at the same time. Dr. Kam is a guy that you would want to call your friend, not just your Chiropractor. He uses many different methods depending on what needs to be done, all with a gentle touch. From the typically hands on, to the actuator, and even the hang upside down like a monkey thing! His office is cozy, there is music playing, plants, water and cups at the ready, and an area for your kids to destroy while you get your adjustment. The staff is friendly, and they are always willing to accomodate you.

All in all, Dr. Kam is by far, the best around. Give him a call, you wont be disappointed! ''

-Greg W. 9/25/2012

I highly recommend doctor Kam. He is very knowledgeable and significantly reduced my back pain in 4-5 sessions.

-Narine P. 11/19/2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Kam since 2001. I had a very bad back when I came to him, I can't even get up from bed w/o help. I was so worried because I am not sure when I will be back for work I went to him for my back treatment and I am so happy and thankful because after a few months I was able to go back to work. Thanks to Dr. Kam. Since my job requires a lot of lifting and bending I go to him on a regular basis and I always leave his office with a big smile on my face because I feel so much better.

-Noel E. 10/22/2010

Before I saw Dr. Kam I felt like an 80 year old stuck in a 39 year old body and when I left his office I said "Alleluia". I felt like a new woman and actually felt younger than a 39 year old. My body was so relaxed and I didn't even know it was possible to ever feel that way again..I can't wait for another session because Dr. Kam is truly the King of Chiropractics!!

-Gaga G. 10/19/2010

I was previously unaware of the overwhelming benefits of chiropractic when I first began working for Dr. Kam in September 2008. I have had various experiences with chiropractic services, but it is only with Dr. Kam that I have had such remarkable results. Dr. Kam provides an educational, energetic and loving environment that has changed my life! His Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and specific.

Performing Chiropractic adjustments is only scratching the surface, as Dr. Kam's genuine commitment to health and wellness extends into subjects that encompass all factors of life. Dr. Kam sets the bar for chiropractors as he is committed 100% at all times to all the people he serves.

His approach is caring, gentle, and informative. Dr. Kam cares about your health and goes beyond to make you feel welcomed when you arrive at his practice and warm when you leave it. He is much attuned to what you are experiencing and works on the area where you are encountering the discomfort. He encourages people to achieve balance in their lives - through adjustments to your spine and by helping to align your physical and emotional well-being.

I myself have reached a deeper connection between my body, soul and mind since becoming a part of his office. Chiropractic has become one of the cornerstones in the foundation for transformation that my body and life have undergone since I began working with Dr. Kam. This experience has helped me on the course to reaching my full potential. I am more aware of my body, its signals to me, and more in tune with what works and what doesn't in keeping me free of pain. It often surprises me that I walk into Dr. Kam's office feeling great and walk out feeling EVEN BETTER!!!

It has been a pleasure working for Dr. Kam; as he is an exceptional chiropractor and the kindest and most caring doctor I know. I have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the life changing impact that Dr. Kam has on all of his patients' lives. Once you see him, you will never want to go anywhere else.

Whether you are receiving Chiropractic care elsewhere, have had a bad experience, or have not yet invested in your personal health, make a visit to Dr. Kam's office, and you will realize what a difference it will make.

-Charlotte M. 10/17/2010