Practice Specialties

Dr. Kam offers a unique balance of both technical expertise and practical skill in a number of chiropractic disciplines and techniques. In any treatment program, his objective is to isolate and correct the cause of pain so the body can begin healing itself. His goal is to be the best chiropractor in Glendale and for his patients to feel that they received the best care on each and every office visit.


A subluxation is the misalignment of bones resulting in pain, abnormal motion, muscle spasms or tension, inflammation or nerve irritation. Dr. Kam specializes in the location, diagnosis and correction of subluxations through specific adjustments of the spine and extremities. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain, promote healing, restore function, reduce the likelihood of re-injury and prevent accelerated degeneration.

Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Kam specializes in manipulative adjustments or Chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments are made manually or with an Activator instrument to influence joint and neurophysiological function.

Dr. Kam holds an advanced proficiency rating in Activator Methods – a quick, painless method of correcting subluxation. It was a technique developed in the late 1960's and has grown to be the most popular used "low-force" technique. This system of adjusting has been developed with the ability to restore proper spinal balance – to do it with improved safety and comfort. An Activator method adjustment is done with a specially designed hand held instrument to deliver a controlled, light and fast thrust without causing strain to the patient. The instrument's thrust is so quick that it accelerates faster than the body's own natural tendency of tightening up and resisting an adjustment. Due to the accuracy and controlled light force, Activator Adjustments are suitable and comfortable for different types of patients, ranging from pregnant women, babies and children, to athletes and senior citizens. To learn more about the Activator technique, visit

Dr. Kam is also certified in Cox Flexion Distraction Manipulation. This technique utilizes a special treatment table that allows gentle traction of the spine. This method is used to manipulate an intervertebral disc that has bulged or herniated. Patients who benefit from this treatment usually come in "bent out of shape" in their neck or lower back. They often have headaches and pain radiating into their arm or leg. These radiating pains may cause pain in shoulders, hips and knees.

Physiotherapy is also offered, and may include the application of ice or heat, traction, ultrasound, electrical nerve stimulation, or acupressure. Our goal is to first remove pain, then allow patients to enjoy a pain free future by education patients about ergonomics, stretching, strengthening exercises, and lifestyle modification.

Personal and Sports Injuries

Prompt attention to injuries suffered from automobile, sports or other non-work related accidents ensure a speedier recovery. Dr. Kam is experienced in the diagnosis of acute injuries that typically occur in these situations and he understands how to communicate with insurance carriers and attorneys.